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Lätt Liv has a simple vision- Provide A Unique Shopping Experience!


Lätt Liv is a Swedish phrase meaning “easy life”.

Just as the Scandinavians are known for their simple design and relaxed lifestyle, we cherish the same! 

With over 30+ stores across India, Lätt Liv has attained an unrivaled position as a one-stop variety shop for Scandinavian inspired lifestyle products.

Every month in Lätt Liv we bring in loads of new products together with many of our classic items, so there is always a surprise waiting for you in the store, yet you still feel at home!


Inspired living


We believe in a simple, easy Scandinavian lifestyle and we want to share it with you too. There is a unique form of energy in every store, generated from the excitement of seeing adorable products that may be exactly what you wanted or never knew you needed.


You have to see it to believe it. You can say that you never really know what you will find in our stores until you get there, yet you will feel at home!

Lätt Liv India provides an inspirational, unique shopping experience to all visitors, filled with innovation and excitement through a huge range of products at unbeatable prices.

Know More About Us!

We have 8 different product categories in our stores. Each month we change between 100 to 300 items so there is always something new waiting for you!

Many people ask us how are we so cost-effective? We don't understand this question; instead, we ask why is everyone else so expensive?

Through a consideration of the customer and unique aesthetic, it manages to do what online stores cannot.

Keshav Bharatia

I totally loved the concept of this shop. One stop solution for all your daily required lifestyle products and plus the quality of each and every product is fantastic.  Also the staff was very helpful and polite,they will guide you perfectly.

Nakul Gupta

Very nice products overall. good staff behavior.even products are of reasonable prices over all loved the experience.

 Janam NX

Very good quality products at good price and very exellent ambiance as well nice theme and very responsive staff.

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