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– it's the inside that counts

We always encourage you to live a simple life, but when it comes to bags, we find it difficult to hold back our self! There are so many to choose from and a wide variety for girls, women, boys and men, kids too! Everyone knows it’s the inside that counts and that goes for bags too!


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Did you know that clothing didn't have pockets before the 16th century? Therefore it was just as common to see men as well as women wearing a bag before that time!

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Bags have for hundreds of years served the same function just like it does today.

Any bag can obviously carry your belongings, keep your things safe or be practical on your travel. It can also serve as a fashion or status symbol for your personal style. 


It is a mystery that designers can keep coming up with new ideas for bags for the last 3-4 hundred years over and over again! 


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