Our Story, We're Just Beginning!


This is the story of a woman named Ying and her husband Shengqiang. Ying started her career as a fashion designer, while Shengqiang worked in the tourist industry. They met and fell in love. As a young couple, brimming with hopes and passion, they followed their dreams and travelled to a new city and opened their first clothing store. With Ying’s creative talent and Shengqiang’s capability to build a huge network, the business grew! They decorated the store with house inventory items to create a homely feeling in the clothing store. To everyone’s surprise, customers came not only to buy clothes but surprisingly also asked if they could buy the shop-decoration items too!


Thus, a new idea was born and a brand-new store full of affordable, carefully selected household items, came into existence! It’s mission—to let everyone enjoy simple yet beautifully designed daily-need products at a friendly price, that’s the Scandinavian way. The small start-up business scaled in number and geographies! Today, these stores are fondly known as Lätt Liv.


Lätt Liv means ‘easy life’ in Swedish and is inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and design. The Scandinavians are well-known for their innovative long-lasting products and craftsmanship. Today, Lätt Liv enjoys a global presence, the perfect amalgamation of East and West! We are just starting our journey, and taking our first steps in bringing the Scandinavian joy, all over India! 


Lätt Liv – easy life